our teachers

Amanda Maree

co-founder / teacher / experienced trauma counsellor / 

ngo business practitioner

Amanda uses her academic business training to help NGO's be more effective in making the world a better place. 

Working with trauma and taking a special interest in women's rights is what feeds her soul. Mindfulness practice is what brings it all together for her. 

The belief that there is a form of Mindfulness that can benefit everyone, regardless of their circumstances is what led Amanda on this journey to teaching this powerful skill. 

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Saskia Wolfaardt

co-founder /  teacher / clinical psychologist

Saskia works with individual adults and adolescents as a Clinical Psychologist in private practice.


Her prior work in the prison system and addiction treatment facilities played a significant role in her interest to find more effective ways of dealing with and healing from emotional pain.


It brought her to Mindfulness.


You'll find soon into meeting her that she's quite passionate about this topic.